Buster + Punch - STONED is an innovative table light, inspired by the warmth of Victorian-era candle light. The table light hovers suspended from a single piece of solid stone and is available in polished white marble or honed black granite. STONED comes complete with an LED Buster tube bulb, which gives off a subtle ambient glow.


英倫設計品牌- Buster + Punch 經典產品 STONED。枱燈設計靈感來自維多利亞時代的蠟燭台,設計獨特的Buster tube bulb燈膽襯托大理石,時尚優雅,讓家居煥然一新。

Buster+Punch -Stoned Table Light

  • Supply: 110-240V
    Life: 30 000 hrs
    Lumen: 110 lm
    CRI: 80
    Bulb: 2W