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Rossini SIESTA 檯燈 - 金色

Rossini SIESTA 檯燈 - 金色


Rossini illuminazione, the renowned italian lighting brand, established in Milan in 1929.Wireless, protable and rechargeable table lamp, it follows you wherever you want to go. It recharges quickly via USB cable, for 9 hours of continuous light. Perfect for the dining table, your smart working station or the relaxation corner of the terrace.


意大利米蘭著名燈飾品牌 Rossini illuminazione,皇牌系列SIESTA 枱燈。利用USB 快速充電,單次充電可連續使用 9 小時。無線設計、便攜輕巧,非常適合餐桌、工作枱或家中休閒角落。

Lead Time : 2-3 weeks