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KNX Smart Solutions

支援遙距窗簾開關 設預定時間或溫度自動調節窗簾開關功能

Control your curtains remotely, pre-set function allows you to maximise privacy and convenience.
Create personalised lighting solution across the entire house


隨時隨地輕鬆控製家中溫度 帶來極致的舒適和便利

Easily control your home's temperature from anywhere for ultimate comfort and convenience

掌控全屋影音設備 讓音樂無處不在

Enjoy your favourite music and movie from anywhere at home wirelessly and remotely

​支援Google Home, Amazon Alexa & Siri

Offers hands-free control of lighting, music, shades, climate, door locks & more.
Support Google Home, Amazon Alexa & Siri
Monitor and control your appliances remotely to prioritize energy efficiency
遠程監控和控制你的智能家居設備 提升能源效率

場景設置讓您一鍵控制多台設備 打造一個社交氛圍濃厚的用餐或娛樂場景

Scene setting allows you to control multiple devices with one tap. Create a sociable and atmospheric place to dine or entertain.
Planet Ninety - KNX Smart Home & Building Solutions (6).png
Planet Ninety - KNX Smart Home & Building Solutions (3).png
Smart Alarm System

Create your own unique smart home that answers your needs perfectly with US!
To know more about KNX smart solutions, fill in the form below and our specialist will contact you soon. 
想要了解更多有關 KNX 智能方案,請填寫下面的表格,我們將盡快與您聯繫。
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Smart Solutions 智慧應用

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