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Rossini - PICNIC Table Lamp

Rossini - PICNIC Table Lamp


Rossini illuminazione, the renowned italian lighting brand, established in Milan in 1929.


LED table lamp (2700K), portable and rechargeable, ideal for illuminating terraces and gardens, but why not, also for cheering up your picnic in the park. A wireless lamp, which follows you wherever you want to go. Painted die-cast aluminum structure with pre-treatment for outdoor use (IP54 protection level). Turned on with touch dimmer switch and contact charging via the appropriate base, battery life 12 hours. Available in three colors (white, anthracite and corten) and in three heights. 


LED 檯燈 (2700K),便攜式且可充電,非常適合照亮露臺和花園,   也可以為您在公園裡的野餐增添氣氛。無線燈,無論您想去哪裡,都可以帶著它。噴漆壓鑄鋁結構,經過預處理,適合戶外使用(IP54防護等級)。透過觸控調光開關打開並透過適當的底座接觸充電,電池壽命 12 小時。提供三種顏色(白色、無菸煤色和耐候鋼)和三種高度。

Lead Time : 2-3 weeks

Made in Italy